Šlesingerová Eva We, Other Utopians. Recombinant DNA, Genome Editing, and Artificial Life, Routledge & Taylor Francis Group (under contract).

We, Other Utopians… Recombinant DNA, Genome Editing, and Artificial Life is analyzing the topics of genome editing/ recombinant DNA on the basis of ethnographic research in the post-communist context. The book focuses on the topics of human DNA editing and genome repair on two levels. First, inspired by texts exploring the concept of life and the body in general, it conceptually and analytically works with various approaches to engineered life and embodiments from the perspective of anthropology, sociology, and science and technology studies. Second, it presents an analysis of artificial life, and biotechnological embodiments on concrete technologies – genome editing, recombinant DNA, and biological computing.  The book explores the theme of genome editing based on ethnographic research conducted at a biochemical laboratory in the Czech Republic. The fieldwork was carried out from 2017 to 2019, mainly in a lab focusing on DNA damages and genomic risk of complex diseases or genetic vulnerabilities like breast cancer, infertility, ageing. Recombinant DNA is understood here as the exchange of DNA strands to produce and design new nucleotide sequence arrangements to heal or enhance human bodies and health in the future. Healing, prolonging, and enhancing future life are very often the aim of these manipulations and experiments. They also work and create assorted types of bio-objects such as immortal cell lines, lifelike entities, bio-informatics life models, genetic tools/genes as tools, edited DNA sequences, and living things.

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articles in peer-reviewed journals

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texts accepted for publication

Šlesingerová Eva (2021) Fractal bodies, Immortality, and DNA recombination. In Sonja Dobroski, Laura Roe and Holly Warner (eds.) “Fractal time”, Berghahn Books, New York/Oxford.

texts under review

Šlesingerová Eva “Computing Life” review text

popular texts/videos

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articles in reviewed journals

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